Cast Lead-Free Solder Rod Sn97 x Cu3


Form: Rod
Alloy Sn x Cu 97 x 3
Tin (Sn): 97%
Copper (Cu): 3%
Single package
Unit approx. 100g each
Sealed package
Quantity approx. 150 units
Net weight 15 Kg.
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Tin is the metal that comes from smelting cassiterite (tin ore). Its high purity level, “A” grade, is due to the excellent quality of the ore and fabrication methods employed. Main uses:

  • For making tinplate;
  • Part of several alloys (mainly Sn x Pb), for metal soldering;
  • Tin plating of parts, wires and electronic components;
  • In electroplating and anodizing, as anode or cathode;
  • For making bronze;
  • White metal, pewter alloys, alloys for costume jewelry and decorative objects;
  • To make tin-based pastes, powders and chemical products, tin salts like tin stannate, tin sulfate and others.


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