Cast Lead-Free Solder Bar Sn99 x Ag0.3 x Cu0.7


Type: Lead-Free
Form: Bar
Alloy Sn x Cu x Ag 99,7 x 0,7 x 0,3
Tin (Sn): 99,7%
Copper (Cu): 0,7%
Silver (Ag): 0,3%
Code: 1651
Single package
Unitario approx. 1kg. each
Sealed package
Quantity 22 units
Net weight 22 Kg.
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The Cast lead-free solder bar was developed for the electronics industry, since it requires alloys free of any lead, replacing alloys 63 and 60. Made for wave soldering machines and tin plating equipment, as well as manual soldering (static solder bath).

Cast Alloy is a process that removes oxides, resulting in a solder with a lower level of impurities that offers great solderability and fewer flaws.


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