No-Clean Solder Paste Sn62xAg2xPb36 156-A T4 (mesh…


Type: Solder paste
Form: Paste
Alloy 62 x 36 x 2
Sn: 62%
Pb: 36%
Ag: 2%
Product description: 156
Rosin: A
Code: 5200
Single package
Tube 750g.
Pot 500g.
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Application: automatic – manual printer

The no-clean solder paste NC 156A was developed for SMT assembly and other applications in the electronics industry. Its formula offers excellent OSP wetting, excellent stencil durability (8 hours), longer tack time (up to 24 hours), high printing speed (8 in/s), and a longer shelf life.

Transparent and with a low level of residue that is also not corrosive nor conductive, it allows for a high level of cleanliness and easier needle tests. High performance in a controlled environment.


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