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Letter of Commitment and Quality Policy

Through the publication of the Quality Management Manual, the directors of Cast declare their commitment to the quality of their products and services, with the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System effectiveness and also with regulatory requirements.

Our Quality Policy declares the ways that Cast determines its quality objectives. (See MIG 103).

The Critical Analysis of the Board of Directors occurs every six months by analyzing the data contained in the Quarterly Report of Quality, which is evidenced the Critical Analysis of the Board of Directors.

Committing to the provision of necessary resources for the maintenance and improvement of the Cast Quality Management System.

Aware that Cast depends on its customers, the directors give importance to the specifications of our products and services, transferring them to those responsible for the internal processes in order to satisfy our customers with our product, aiming to exceed their expectations through our services.

Produce soft solders for electrical and electronic sectors, communications, auto parts, metallurgical and civil construction, with appropriate technology, aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our solders, auxiliary products and services, through the selection of processes, suppliers and people development in order to continually improve the effectiveness of Cast Quality Management System.


Non-ferrous metal quotations of the London Stock Exchange (LME) and the Dollar exchange rate.

(US$ / ton)

Sources: London Stock Exchange and Central Bank of Brazil

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Commitment to quality

Constantly seeking improvements in its products, Cast aims to exceed the expectations of its Customers

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