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Alucast Flux is applied for soldering metals with surfaces that are very hard for solder, mainly aluminum. Produced with balanced inorganic substances, highly active, it should not be used in components or printed circuit boards. After application, waste material should be completely removed since they are soluble in cold water. Versatility in application (immersion or painting); Facility in removing waste; High activation; Soluble in water; Low solids content after soldering.

Technical Information

Type: Shape: Alloy - Sn: - Pb: - Cu: - Ag: Wire - Code: - Resin: Code:
-- --   -- -- -- --   -- -- 5032
Pot 500 g. each
Magic Drop 10 g. each


Non-ferrous metal quotations of the London Stock Exchange (LME) and the Dollar exchange rate.

(US$ / ton)

Sources: London Stock Exchange and Central Bank of Brazil

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