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Several products have been developed for the purpose of deoxidizing and protect the air oxidation, the solder used in the crucibles, whether static, whether waves. Due to the high operating temperature, between 240°C and 250°C, and currently in movement of turbulence or vibration of various types of modern waves used, and, of course, the great complexity of circuit boards in process, the reaction of oxygen in the atmospheric air with the solder alloy of molten metals is being considered completely undesirable because of the cost spent by the loss of soldering and the influence of solder oxides in the final quality of the soldering (short and bridges). Otherwise, the formation of oxides dispersed throughout the resulting molten solder mass causes a reaction of radicals needed for metal release. It processes, in geometric scale, the formation of more solder oxides, leading the soldering process at a critical stage in which the waste in material cost and components becomes very high.

Technical Information

Type: Shape: Alloy - Sn: - Pb: - Cu: - Ag: Wire - Code: - Resin: Code:
-- --   -- -- -- --   -- -- 5014
Pot 500 g. each


Non-ferrous metal quotations of the London Stock Exchange (LME) and the Dollar exchange rate.

(US$ / ton)

Sources: London Stock Exchange and Central Bank of Brazil

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