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Latex Pillow is a white coating pillow with insulating characteristics to the solder, heat, hands touch, humidity, dust, saline fog and other wastes or harsh elements to electronic circuit exposed to the soldering process or the natural elements. His good resistance film after drying is plastic and has high adhesion power to smooth surfaces, so it does not crack because it is formulated from natural latex. It can be detached easily and leaves no residue after leaving the applied area.
It is presented in medium viscosity (normal) and as HV (high viscosity).The latex pillow is formulated to contain water-based solvents, non-toxic, without strong or unpleasant odor and rapidly drying in the air. Such solvents do not attack the materials commonly found in electronic circuit boards. For being compatible with the materials used in PCB and components it does not present craters or failure of different compositions. It can be applied by immersion systems, brush, stencil, spatula, applicator nozzle, etc. Latex Pillow can be easily removed with a jerk when applied in flat areas. As mechanical reinforcement element or adherence in irregular areas or components works as a shim, anti vibration, anti shock, etc. After stabilized, Latex Pillow meets IPC SF 818 specifications and surface insulation resistance requirements for class 2 products (Good Reliability).

Technical Information

Type: Shape: Alloy - Sn: - Pb: - Cu: - Ag: Wire - Code: - Resin: Code:
-- --   -- -- -- --   -- -- 5013
Tube 250 g. each


Non-ferrous metal quotations of the London Stock Exchange (LME) and the Dollar exchange rate.

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