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Rework Flux resinous paste to rework on printed circuit boards. Available in syringes and buckets (2 kg), Cast Flux for SMD rework is a flux of high viscosity, No Clean developed for rework, PCI repairs with SMT technology application. The Rework Flux has a great consistency for easy application by syringe, which serves the amount and specific application areas. After application, the flux remains until there is soldering (some flows with low solid, beyond the application control, evaporate, thus impairing the quality of soldering). It has an excellent performance in applications where the flux requires good thermal stability for each SMT component reworked. The Flux is ideal for semi-automatic processes rework of BGA and QFP components. Also in conventional components rework, soldering and desoldering in selective machines. Its low level of residue that remains can be removed with a simple cleaning, using Cast Cleaner remover, or any alcohol-based solvent. The Rework Flux can be used in combination with solders and fluxes lines from Cast Soldas.

Technical Information

Type: Shape: Alloy - Sn: - Pb: - Cu: - Ag: Wire - Code: - Resin: Code:
-- --   -- -- -- --   -- -- 4301
Syringe 10 g. each


Non-ferrous metal quotations of the London Stock Exchange (LME) and the Dollar exchange rate.

(US$ / ton)

Sources: London Stock Exchange and Central Bank of Brazil

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