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Tin is a metal resulting from the reduction of cassiterite (tin ore), also known as Virgin Tin. The high degree of purity, Degree "A", is due to the excellent quality of the ore and the manufacturing process. Main applications: In the manufacture of Flanders sheet; In the composition of various alloys (mainly Pb x Sn), for metals soldering in general (Soft Solder); In tinning of parts, wires and electronic components; In processes of electroplating and anodizing, as anode or cathode; In the bronze composition; Patent metal, pewter alloys, alloys for jewelry and decorative objects; For production of tin-based pastes, powders and chemicals products, tin salts such as sodium stannate, tin sulfate and others.

Technical Information

Type: Shape: Alloy - Sn: - Pb: - Cu: - Ag: Wire - Code: - Resin: Code:
-- Spar   100,0 -- -- --   -- -- 1603
Single Pack
Unit about 100g. each
Sealed Package
Quantity about 150 units
Net Weight 15 Kg.


Non-ferrous metal quotations of the London Stock Exchange (LME) and the Dollar exchange rate.

(US$ / ton)

Sources: London Stock Exchange and Central Bank of Brazil

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