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No-Clean Cast Flux 2904 – Voc Free is a water-based no-clean flux suitable for soldering of printed circuit boards. It allows better solderability, reducing the defects rate; Bridge and Short. Suitable for automatic wave machines or manual operation (static crucible) and can be applied by spray fluxing, foam or liquid wave. Because it does not let conductive or corrosive waste, it does not require washing PCI after soldering. It is recommended to provide pre-heating (topside), as well as the possible correction of the conveyor speed and required for evaporation of solvent.

Technical Information

Product: Type: Plastic Box Cover: Product Color: Code:
Flux NC - VOC FREE White White Colorless 3201


  • N: Foaming Application
  • NS: Spray application
Plastic Box 05 L
Plastic Box 05 L. each
Quantity 04 Plastic Boxs
Total 20 L.
Plastic Box 20 L
Plastic Box 20 L. each


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Sources: London Stock Exchange and Central Bank of Brazil

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